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Wednesday Mar 31 14:56

Alissa Miller: Do you still have that spare ticket?

Johnny Appleseed: . I dont BUT if you want to go I can probably grab another.

Alissa Miller: What time is it at?

Johnny Appleseed: Doors @ 8 but we'll most likely grab food down there first and get there shortly after 8

Alissa Miller: Hmm. I think I'll pass. I got into work late today so should prolly stay until at least 8. Have a good time though!

Johnny Appleseed: Mmmkay. :P Perhaps next time.

Sunday Apr 04 15:49

Alissa Miller: I just got home.

Johnny Appleseed: Hey, im @ the field. You should come here

Alissa Miller: Oh yeah? Who you out with?

Johnny Appleseed: Work peeps. Theyre cool. Come out ;-)